2015 Annual Graduation

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_DSC1909On Sunday, August 23 we celebrated the largest ever Graduating Class in PHP’s history.  Since August of 2014 forty (40) sensitive humans and caring canines have made the commitment to bring the joy of a cold nose and wagging tail to others.  Inspiring for all are the large number of family pairs – husbands and wives, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, committed partners.  It is particularly special when the belief in the healing power of animal interactions is shared and nurtured within the entire family. Additionally, 3 junior handlers joined our family and one owner, Ann Bruder, brought her 3 German Shepherds through our program “Harley”, “Tess” and “Cheyenne”.  “I wanted to visit too many places for just one dog.  Now, I get to take each dog to a couple places each week”, shared Ann.

Our training team of Heidi LaCosse, Erin Hennen and Diane Miller introduced the graduates and Board members took an active part in the celebration too. Janine Gruna delivered a heartwarming and very inspirational commencement address and Kari Schmidt and Tony Arsiniega lead those present in Blessings over the Handlers and Dogs.

We are so proud of all our new teams and are humbled that they chose to do this with our organization. Please welcome the…

_DSC18792014-2015 PHP Graduating Class

Wanda Adelman & Bear, German Shepherd
Erin Balisterie & Louie, Newfoundland
Nancy Baumann & Pearl, Bernese Mountain Dog
Rudy Baumann & Pearl, Bernese Mountain Dog
Mary Becker & Sheldon, Border Collie/Pointer
Anita Bemi & Doc Wu, Sheba Imu
Kathy Blu & Milo, Shih Tzu
Keighley Breeze & Parker, An Adorable Mix
Ann Bruder & Chyenne, Tess, & Harley – German Shepherds
Jack + Janna Champion & Falk, German Shorthaired Pointer
Karen Corlyn & Mitzvah, Toy Poodle
Michele Deubel & Hopkin, English Cream Golden Retriever
George Elleseg & Derby, Yellow Lab/Golden
Julie Grassel, Bear, Teddy Bear
Julie + Steph Grassel & Max, Lab/Pit Bull Mix
Amy Hansen & Libby, English Cream Golden Retreiver
Kathi Hartl + Penny Kroening & Skoki, German Shepherd Mix
Diane + Joy Holzman & Mia, Golden Doodle
Mike + Calvin Koepke & Phinn, Black Lab
Victoria La Cosse, Dottie, Aus Shep
Diane + Jack Loppnow & Holi, Golden Retriever
Jim + Molly Miller & Hazel, cockapoo/corgi
Meg Nelson & Rufus, German Wire-Haired Pointer
Sharon Piron & Keely, Golden Retriever
Sandy Robac & Lyon, Rough Collie
John Rohr + Dodi Metz & Maddy, Cotton de Tulear
Alex Shefchik & Chickendale, Black Lab
Sarah Zahorodny & Beka, Mountain Curr
Kurt + Monica Zore & Reagan, Shih Tzu/Bichon