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Since 1998, we’ve trained more than 800 handler / pet teams. Our classes are at Congregational Home located at 13900 W Burleigh in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where we continue to train new teams each month.

The handler/pet teams benefit from Pets Helping People’s ongoing support in finding just the right placement.

PHP partners with organizations and facility directors who care to do more for the people they serve. Our partners believe, as we do, in the healing power of a cold nose and a wagging tail. Working together, we create joy and inspiration for the more than 5,000 people we reach annually in the Southeastern section of Wisconsin through our independent certified handler/pet teams. We reach an additional 5,000 people with our group pet therapy events.


  • Improve and enrich the lives of others through animal-assisted therapy
  • Employ best practices in assessing, training, accrediting, and supporting pet-handler teams
  • Educate the community regarding the benefits of the human-animal bond achieved through animal-assisted therapy, partnerships and special events


  • The passion, dedication, and commitment of our volunteers
  • The skills, training, and experiences offered by PHP
  • The power and value of the human-animal bond
  • Our comprehensive vetting and training program for handlers and their pets
  • Our unique partnership with Congregational Home that provides an authentic experience for the handler / pet teams


  • Their desire to have their dogs help others aligns with our mission to help others
  • Each handler/pet team brings unique skills to share their kindness and affection
    • Ex: Performing tricks, snuggling, listening or just being close
  • Unconditional love and acceptance is common through all
  • Handlers facilitate all that happens and play an integral role in the interaction
    • maintain awareness of safety procedures
    • advocate for their dogs
    • monitor and direct the visit



To be a knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive source of information and support to all who seek education, training or involvement in AAI (pet therapy) in order to enrich the lives of people in our community in southeastern Wisconsin, including individuals with special needs.


Our vision is to be recognized as Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier pet therapy organization while maintaining high standards, communicating to others the benefits of pet therapy, and supporting our volunteers and the facilities they serve.


Pets Helping People, Inc. (PHP), our Board of Directors and our Staff subscribe to the following beliefs which serve as the foundation for our organization’s activities:
• Interaction with certified therapy dogs enriches the lives of people of all ages, including those with special needs.
• Effectiveness in the practice of AAI can only be achieved through professional evaluation and training, together with ongoing
• Nurturing is a strong and basic human need, which therapy dogs can provide for people of all ages, including those with special
• The welfare of animals used in pet therapy must be protected at all times.


Lisa Hare has loved and been around animals her entire life and can’t imagine life without some type of pet. Many years ago, she and her mom with her two dogs were trained in a therapy dog program.  About 13 years ago, Lisa and her husband, Tom began fostering for local shelters, to date including Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC), the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS), Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter, and Citizens United for Animals (CUFA). They are involved in the WHS’s Safe Haven program, a partnership with Sojourner Truth House, which provides temporary housing for animals during domestic abuse challenges. Lisa and Tom have several rescues, including two “almost human” Chihuahuas, Mr. Fitz and Ollie, who are now living their best lives thanks to the dedication of rescues and kind people.

Lisa has a long history of helping people and wanting to make a difference. Past non-profit experience allowed her to build her talents with fundraising, recruiting, presenting and event management. Passion for connecting with people helped grow her talent as a highly skilled and energetic presenter.

She worked in health care for 17 years, initially as a service specialist in Public Relations, then transitioned to the role of internal coach, leading service and patient experience initiatives through training, education and coaching for all levels of staff, leaders and physicians with Froedtert. Lisa is a certified Mindful Health & Wellness Coach and has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & Administration. She is a part-time coach with LifeXT, a resiliency organization and has her own practice, Best Self Mindful Coaching.  She believes strongly in the power of passion and is excited to share her passion for people, animals and making a difference by supporting the amazing work of Pets Helping People.


Angela’s journey to Pets Helping People (PHP) began with simple gesture of walking a dog, Duke, for a neighbor that was unfortunately in home hospice. She experienced first-hand the comfort, happiness, and healing power that a pet can bring to someone in times of struggle. At the time, Angela had no idea the full impact that simple gesture would have on Duke and her. Duke would eventually come to live with Angela and in 2017 they completed training together to join PHP. Seeing all the different volunteer experiences available in particular retirement homes and veterans, Angela encouraged her dad, Harold, to complete training with another one of her dogs, Axel. In 2018 Angela, Harold, and Axel completed their training together to join PHP. Currently Duke, Axel, and Angela volunteer with Allay Hospice in memory of Duke’s late owner. Angela enjoys seeing the joy and smiles that Axel and Duke can bring to their patients even during their difficult times.

When Angela is not volunteering with Axel and Duke, or her other dog and cats, she works as an International Insurance Account Manager at Hays Companies. Angela looks forward to providing awareness of the importance of the human-animal bond and continuing to bring smiles to the faces of those who need it most with the help of some furry friends.


I’m excited to be part of Pets Helping People because it combines my interest in helping people with my love for dogs! My family has 3 dogs while I was growing up so I have been surrounded by dogs all of my life. I have a 2 year old black lab named Sydni. I’m looking forward to certifying her through PHP as soon as she matured a bit. Sydni has never-ending energy! She brings so much joy to my life every day and I’m looking forward to the time when she can help others. I recognize the unconditional love dogs bring to people and am happy to be involved with PHP!


My life-long love of animals has drawn me to Pets Helping People, and since meeting Amy at Pet Fest in 2019, I have been happy to support this wonderful, vital organization. I have seen firsthand the benefits of interaction with therapy dogs, and I am passionate about the PHP mission to enrich the lives of people through animal-assisted therapy. Our labradoodle Dexter brings our family much joy, and I am grateful to always have had pets in my life. I am honored and excited to be part of this group of kind-hearted, giving, dedicated people and their dogs.


Growing up with dogs and now having cats, I have always been an animal lover. Since joining the Pets Helping People Board of Directors in February 2022, I have seen firsthand how the pet therapy teams bring joy to the community and smiles to the faces of numerous individuals. I am excited to help the organization grow within Southeastern Wisconsin and be able to touch the lives of many more people. When not volunteering for Pets Helping People, I work as a Partner at Reilly, Penner & Benton LLP, and reside in Greenfield with my wife and two children.


Kathleen Dunn is a veteran Milwaukee radio talk show host, most recently 24 years with Wisconsin Public Radio. She was inducted into the Milwaukee Press Club Hall of Fame. Retired now and delighted to be a Pets Helping People Handler/Pet team with dog Finn for the past two years. Kathleen joined the Board of Directors in May of 2021.


I have been a musician in the Milwaukee Symphony since 1982 and taught at UWM for 20 years. While at the University I sometimes brought my English Lab, Koda, into my office to hang out with the students. After seeing the incredible impact a furry visit had on my students, Koda and I decided to become a certified pet therapy team. We trained through Pets Helping People in 2018. The classes fully prepared us to work out on the community in all sorts of different situations. We now regularly visit Sojourner Family Peace Center, the Women’s Correctional Institute at 6th and Keefe, and Shared Journeys (a charter high school for teen parents). We participate in many of the Waggin’ Tails events and even attended therapy sessions for someone with PTSD after a dog attack. This is the most rewarding volunteer work I’ve ever done. The flexible schedule enables me to visit on a more consistent basis and I’m proud to be on the board of such a terrific organization.


I joined PHP in April 2020 as the treasurer. I also work as an accounting manager at Kohler Co. and have been with them for 10 years. I relocated to South Carolina alone for 2 years and while I was there I adopted my dog Cooper. He became a fast friend and a great running buddy (we even trained for a marathon together). I have loved dogs my whole life and find that they are amazing confidants and mood boosters. I’ve seen how they impact people at nursing homes and in hospitals and how people suffering can get some moments of joy when they’re getting licked and snuggled by a dog. I am very excited and proud to be working with PHP where we can train “Man’s Best Friend” to spread their love and comfort to even more people.

Lamel Adkins

I joined PHP in May of 2024. I learned about the organization through a fellow board member, Beth Giacobassi. I am currently a licensed attorney in the state of NY, but I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I have a strong background in community service (having volunteered countless times with the Special Olympics and Salvation Army) and I care a lot about mental, emotional and spiritual health. PHP is the perfect combination of those interests/causes. I have an 11 year old Italian mastiff/lab mix, named Cato. She is starting to slow down, but we have been enjoying an amazing journey together. Seeing how Cato can change someone’s mood and put a smile on just about anyone’s face is exactly what lead me to PHP. I believe in the work that PHP is doing and I am excited to be on the board.


Darcy is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a Fear Free Certified Professional through Fear Free Pets, and has worked hands on in dog behavior and training in varying capacities for the last 15 years. From earning Grand Championships in UKC conformation and Barnhunt titles, to training service dogs for PTSD, Autism, POTS, and Mobility Disorders, and rehabilitating dogs with bite histories, Darcy has developed a perspective to meet each dog where they are and develop them toward their best capacity. When not working, Darcy loves bonding with his dogs over hikes, detection training, and cuddling on the couch watching documentaries.



My passion for our canine companions started with my first dog Crosby, an escape artist given up by her first family. Crosby quickly taught me that even though canines don’t speak, they still communicate with us (and us with them). The lessons I learned from Crosby, who sadly passed away from cancer, have helped me with my current dogs – Willow, my first puppy, and Kia, a rescue.

These lessons also led me to pursue a career in canine care, which I dove into full time in 2019.  In 2022, I graduated from Animal Behavior College’s dog trainer program and established Crosby’s Canine Care. In March 2023 I was certified by American Kennel Club as an AKC CGC evaluator. I look forward to working with the handlers/canines training to become pet therapy teams with Pets Helping People.



Diane Miller joined Pets Helping People in 2003 as a Board Member. Bringing a background in higher education, Diane was immediately drawn to our training program where she has been an assistant trainer for over 13 years. In 2011 it was her turn – Diane and her sweet dog, Irene, came through the Pets Helping People training program and are now an accredited handler/pet team! Diane and Irene volunteer at Eastcastle Place, a retirement community, where they visit residents on the memory care, skilled nursing and rehab floors. Additionally they are involved with the Read to Rover program at Irving Elementary School in West Allis and visit with the staff at Versiti, Wisconsin’s organ and tissue donation organization. Diane and Irene are members of Waggin’ Tails and attend as many of the PHP special events as time allows.


My love for dogs started with our first dog, Abby. After she passed away at the age of 13, I became involved with Last Hope Animal Rescue (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) and was a regular volunteer working with the dogs at the center, walking dogs,fostering dogs and fundraising. This was my way to get my dog fix. Another organization that I joined up with was Definitely Dogs. This group raises and trains service dogs for veterans and civilians. I had the honor of raising Dayton, an English labrador. We spent almost 2 years together before he went to work as a PTSD dog for a female marine veteran. After moving to Milwaukee in July 2019 I found myself looking for a dog group to volunteer with. PHP was at Petfest and I was immediately drawn into what pet therapy can offer to individuals and organizations. I went to one of the dog classes to see what it all involved and was instantly hooked. I adopted Ruby in 2020 and plan to take her through pet therapy as soon as she is ready.


When she was little Anita always pretended to be an animal.  Most often when she played, she pretended she was a dog.  When adults asked what she would be when she grew up, she would say without hesitation “I will grow up to be a puppy,” and when she was old enough to realize that the ability to become a different species wasn’t possible, she changed her goals.  She decided to work with people who needed love, compassion, and help the most. Then, her passion for dogs resurfaced, so she studied animal training and received a certificate in 2010, but it wasn’t until this past year that she decided to dig deeper into her studies and become certified in training service and therapy dogs as her love of dogs and helping those in need could never leave her. A former handler/pet team of PHP with her old shiba inu, Doc, a.k.a. Dr. Wu fall class of 2014, Anita couldn’t be happier to be back.


I am thankful to have spent almost my entire life with dog companions, first Shetland Sheepdogs and then Labrador Retrievers. After working decades in management for large corporations, I was eager to enter the next phase of my life by choosing and training a puppy for therapy work. I joined PHP in 2021 with our black lab Shadow where she is happy to share her affection and tricks. Both Shadow and I enjoy the energy of the college “de-stress” visits and the joyful faces of people in assisted living during Waggin’ Tail visits. I am excited to be part of the training team, applying what I have learned from my work experiences, various dog training classes and being with numerous dogs plus learning more from Heidi, Diane and the other trainers.


I have been a crazy dog lover my entire life. For the last 25 years, I have been more focused on being a wife, mom, and dance teacher- but always with a family dog at home. Now that my kids are all off to college/ adulting, I have taken on many volunteer positions as a therapy dog team with my standard poodle, Kevin.

We joined PHP in early 2023 and really enjoy our visits to children, college students, assisted living facilities, and cancer/ hospice patients.

I am so happy to be part of the training team. I love getting to know and help the new teams to get started on this amazing journey!