A Morning of Fun and Bit of Education at Bethlehem Lutheran Child Care

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This past summer Pets Helping People spent a most memorable morning with the delightful children and staff at Bethlehem Lutheran Child Care (BLCC) in Germantown.  During our visit two different groups of PHP handler’s and their dogs brought smiles, joy and a bit of education to over 60 children.  Discussing what it takes to become a therapy dog, many of the children giggled upon learning the dogs have to pass a test!  Part of the ministry of the church with the same name, BLCC offers child care services to members and those within the community.  During their summer program, fun and “out of the norm” on-site presentations and/or off-site field trips are planned on a weekly basis. Pets Helping People was honored to be one of these activities! We send a sincere thank you to Melissa Kreuser for inviting us and coordinating our time there and to Liz Sherwood, Cheryl Herriges, Lisa Koschnitzke, Ruth Wisniewski, and Director, Stephanie Silvis for all your assistance.  We had a truly wonderful time.

[pullquote2 align=”center” textColor=”#AF1E2D”]“The children absolutely LOVED getting a chance to see the dogs and also learn a great deal about what an incredible asset they can be to the healing, therapy and overall well-being of the people they meet. Some of the children, who started the day with a slight fear of the four-legged friends, found their courage and even pet some of the animals by the end of the presentation!”
Melissa Kreuser, BLCC [/pullquote2]