Pets Celebrates its 19th Graduation of 26 Teams

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Saturday, September 30th marked the 19th graduation class of Pets Helping People.  26 teams officially became certified pet therapy teams.  In keeping with our tradition of celebrating with graduates (both human and dogs) we honored their accomplishment at Congregational Home a partner with Pets Helping People.  Graduation includes a brief ceremony where teams are introduced, blessed and celebrated as the continue on to support the mission of Pets Helping People. Special thanks to Joan Krause for supplying our graduating canines with wonderful homemade dog treats!  The 2016-17 graduates include the following:

Sarah Blake and Bella
Anna Deubel and Hopkin
Sara Hoskow and Jerry
Nancy Widale and Walle
Penny Alt-German and Greg Gehrman and Gracie
Judy Klatt and Lu<
Pete and Shannon Cook and Tazer
Carmen Berte and Cooper
Lee and Charles Davies and Raef
Linda Hager and Lilly Rose
Karen Munson and Lexi
Heidi Zellmer and Annie
Angela Bloch-Davis and Duke and Axel
Carol Raymonds and Java
Lindsay Charney and Boo
Gabbi Kabakchieva and Scotty
Linda Roman and Lucee
Joan Krause and Bennie