Pets Visit College Campus

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On April 22, the Medical College of Wisconsin opened its doors and welcomed several pet -handler teams to campus for a “De-stress” event for medical students.  The room was full of excitement and smiles!  Medical students were welcome to come in and just say hello to any of the dogs who came to visit.  It was hard to say who had more fun, the dogs, the handlers or the students.  Students moved from dog to dog, giving strokes and hugs and getting lots of kisses and tail wags in return.  Medical students were in the midst of studying for very important and difficult exams and were very happy to have this window of time to just forget about the exams and receive some non-conditional love from some of our wonderful dogs.  Several students commented that they had been looking forward to the event all week, and that being able to spend some time with the dogs made their day.  It was a great afternoon for all involved!