Pets Visits Milwaukee Catholic Home

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4It’s not unusual for Pets to do community outreach.  Once such event was held at the Milwaukee Catholic Home.  Janine Gruna, Pets board member addressed the Pilot Club of Milwaukee.  The Pilot club is a service club dedicated to enriching the community through volunteer service.  Their focus is on helping people who experience brain related disorders, such as autism, Alzheimer’s, depression etc.  The Milwaukee club is a branch of the Pilot International and was established in 1952.

During the Pets visit, members and residents got to learn about the Pets organization, visit with 5 pet therapy teams.  And were treated to a special demonstration of the training expectations and skills of both the animal a handler teams.  Each team shared a story of the extraordinary bond animals and humans can have and how that bond can provide extensive healing, help and support to those afflicted with brain disorders.

Afterwards, the teams socialized, and provided entertainment in the form of tricks, wagging tails and wet noses.