PHP 2021-2022 Pet Therapy Teams Graduation

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On Saturday June 4th we gathered to celebrate the handler/pet teams that were certified as a pet therapy teams between June 2021 and May 2022. There were 39 teams this past year.

We are so grateful for these incredible teams and thank them for their dedication to pet therapy and comforting others in need.

  • Andie with Penny
  • Angela and Natalie with Obi
  • Angela with Walter
  • Ann with Stella
  • Ashley and Jason with Finley
  • Barb and Tim with Duncan
  • Carrie with Daisy
  • Carrie with Selah
  • Cathy w Josie
  • Chrissy with Penny
  • Christine with Vader
  • Colleen with Annie
  • David with Kaiser
  • Deb and Michael with Junie
  • Deborah with Quinn
  • Elise with Leo
  • Emily with Raven
  • Emma with Indie
  • Hannah with Yeti
  • Jan with Auggie
  • Karen with Blade
  • Karen with Blade
  • Katie with Winston
  • Katy with Bucky
  • Kelly with Anna Belle
  • Kelsey with Winnie
  • Kersten with Marlow
  • Madrina with Hilo
  • Marcy with Emme
  • Maureen with Roscoe
  • Meagan with Andy
  • Melissa with Sully
  • Pam with Chunk
  • Patty with Rudy
  • Sue with Zelda
  • Tammy with Shadow
  • Trudy and Duffy with Moose

Special thanks to Joan and Mark Krause with their PHP certified pup Bennie

for their generosity and hospitality.