PHP Remembers a Remarkable Man – Gregg Fleckenstein

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Greg meets Lorriane, Jim, and Sophie; in-room visit during class.

A Resident of Congregational Home & Honorary Member of PHP’s Training Team

Gregg in his early years always had a dog around, sometimes 2 or 3 so it was quite a shock when he and his wife joined the assisted living family at Congregational Home in Brookfield and were unable to have pets any longer.  But, it didn’t take Gregg long to learn that Pets Helping People conducted their pet-therapy training there on Tuesday nights.  Gregg, and his wife while she was still living, was a regular visitor to class and today is remembered as an honorary member of the training-team.  Through his involvement in class Gregg helped prepare many teams for their first solo visits. His warmth and caring nature will be greatly missed.

And a father’s love of dogs is passed on to his son.  Paul, Gregg’s son was so inspired by the impact of his Dad’s involvement Pets that he brought his own rescued dog “Jack”, a female Rottie mix, through our program.  Jack has now worked (she loves it) with Paul at several sites including a hospice and a dialysis clinic.

[pullquote3 align=”left” textColor=”#AF1E2D“]”Jack already had a great temperament and the Pets training helped us both learn what to expect in different situations.  It was fun and very helpful.”
–Paul Fleckenstein” [/pullquote3]