In memory of sweet Walter, a wonderful dog that brought joy to all that met him. Hope you are romping with your brothers Axel and Duke in large green pastures.

Angela Block Davis

In Memory of Fred Holentunder

From Jen M.

In honor and memory of my dear Dad, Joseph Campagna Jr……Lisa (Campagna) Schiller

In Memoriam of sweet Daisy Virnig-Weinberg who crossed the Rainbow bridge on February 16th. Rest in peace.

Love, Gma Patty

In memory of Luis G. Rivera (8/9/94 – 2-3-22) and his faithful dogs Coco and Mia who joined him on his final journey. Louie will forever be remembered as one who poured life into the world and lifted the sprits of all he encountered. From his close friend, Samantha Dunn.

In Memory of Helen Padway

Helen’s statement on life, “It’s been grand!”

From Karen, Ron and Mitzvah Corlyn

In memory of Walter, Angela Bloch’s very special honorary therapy dog.  Wish we’d had more time with you, dear boy. From Diane Miller

CarolBakerIn Memory of my father Al Krause
Patty & RobbDeGraff 
KariSchmidtIn Memory of Benny
Madrina Dela CruzIn Memory of Hollis Smith
Amy & JodyHansen 
Warren & PhyllisWiegratz 
RobinWetherbeeIn Honor of Moki T. Bear Wetherbee
Joy & LynnCrysler 
Tina Pech 
Dr. Audrey Stockey 
Mary Jo CardenasIn Memory of Wilson….former pet therapy dog
Mary Ellis-StiglerIn Memory of Dottie and In Honor of Karly
Phyllis Krueger 
Martha EdwardsIn Memory of Bob, Lucy & Ricky Edwards
Dennis HaleyIn Memory of Mike and Jacki
Mary BaumannIn Memory of Sammi, Snowy & Molly
Jacki Stern 
Linda GaalasIn Honor of Diane Miller
Alex Vagelatos 
Harold BlochIn Memory of Axel, Duke & Walter
Kristine NewmanIn Honor…
Phyllis LardinoisIn Honor of Ellie
AmyDodgeGiving Tuesday
LisaLeStarge-TachkaGiving Tuesday
MeaganElizaGiving Tuesday
Cindy Langfield TaylorGiving Tuesday
AngelaBloch-DavisGiving Tuesday
Julie DolphinToepferGiving Tuesday
DebbieZaabroskeGiving Tuesday
MargaretBoveeGiving Tuesday
Nina DarlingGiving Tuesday In Memory of Toulouse
Janet LivingstonHartzellGiving Tuesday
Lisa Ann KingGehrkeGiving Tuesday
Kai HellandMulfordGiving Tuesday
Mary ShullyKilpatrickGiving Tuesday
BethShullyGiving Tuesday
KathleenDunnGiving Tuesday
CarolynBellinGiving Tuesday
Lane Barkstrom 
Michaela & Daryl Stuermer 
Patrick LaskeIn Memory of Harrison
Mary HintzIn Honor of Laura Giuffre
Beth NackerIn Honor the The Schillers
Cecilia Hunter 
Lane Barkstrom 
Michaela & Daryl Stuermer 
Patrick LaskeIn Memory of Harrison
Mary HintzIn Honor of Laura Giuffre
Beth NackerIn Honor the The Schillers
Cecilia Hunter 
Tom & CindyCain 
Mark & JoanKrause Funeral Home 
ChristineLangeIn Memory of Henrietta Tietyen
DonnaDonna DawickiIn Memory of Callie
GailLevinIn Memory of Bria the Briard
BarbaraMaierIn Memory of April – former PHP Volunteer
SusanWichmanIn Memory of Pogo
JenniferKowalskyIn Memory of Kaye Kole
KarenCorlyn & MitzvahIn Honor of Diane Miller – Thank you for all you do for PHP
Lisa Jacobi & ScottCaughell 
LisaSchillerIn Memory of Peggy Sandahl
DebraBlasiusIn Memory of Stella, my beautiful German Shepherd
BarbaraMarkoffIn Memory of Shiloh
Mary & RobertDarling 
Tom & CindyTobin
J. Michael & VirginiaMcBride
SaraRaaschIn Honor of Robin Wetherbee and Amy Dodge
DonnaMetzendorfIn Memory of Mary
JudieMcGheeIn Honor of Charlie McGhee
Linda & MarkSchaeferIn Memory of Riley
BruceFullerIn Memory of my late therapy dog “Ollie”
DianneFittingIn Memory of Cooper
RobinWetherbeeIn Honor of Amy Dodge’s dedication
Rudy and NancyBaumannIn Memory of Kaiser, Jasmine, Becky, Mozart & Pearl
Patrick Foran
DorisHeiserIn Honor of David Tucker
Steve & KarenVolz
GinaGiacobassiIn Honor of Koda
Virginia (Ginny)Marchel

To our fabulous sister on her very special birthday. We’re so proud of you and all that you do for Pets Helping People

Karen Dress, Jane Nichols and Suzy Watkins

In Loving Memory of Connor Luke Mitchell

Lisa and Tom Schiller and Nicole Daniels

In memory of dear Duke, Angela’s sweet and faithful good boy and excellent therapy dog.

Respectfully Diane M.

In memory of my dear friend Peggy

You are remembered…. April 24, 2019

With love… Lisa Schiller

Good friend and community veterinarian for many years.
From Sandy Rivers

A special horse with a gentle spirit. He brought joy to many people and many kids.

Rest in Peace Snowman

From Emmy, Karen and Kari

In memory of Hollie Timm, Linda’s sweet girl. Hollie’s time as a therapy dog was way too short, but she made Linda happy for many years. From Diane Miller

From Linda Timm – Hollie’s mom

From Robert Dunn: Emily Alexander, at the age of 72, left us this past November (2020). Those who knew her shared thoughts such as:

…a sweet, kind, beautiful, lovely lady. Our conversations were filled with laughter. This lady could lift anyone’s spirit and ALWAYS saw good in people. She was welcoming and genuinely kind, she had a heart of gold. Her arms and home were always open, a truly loving person. The life of the gathering…who would have everybody rolling in stitches with laughter.

You will be truly missed. Gone from our vision but not our hearts, minds or souls. RIP

In memory of Rosie Goetzke, Judi’s well-dress and adorable friend – a loving companion and wonderful therapy dog. From Diane Miller

Rest in peace Augie

From Tom and Cindy Tobin

In memory of Tess, Suzy Watkins’ dear ‘Tessie-Lou’, a lover and a fighter for 16 great years.

RIP sweet girl…..from Diane

In memory of Bonnie, a very special therapy dog who passed away in July.

Barbara Pierce wrote, “Karly loved to stay with Bonnie and her owner Mary…a dear friend of mine. Karly would crawl right up on Bonnie’s bed with her. We both miss Bonnie.”

In memory of Alison’s dear friend and walking companion.

Thanks, Toby! Good dog!….From your pal, Diane

In Memory of Amy Ace’s sweet Clover, therapy dog and ambassador for PHP at Aurora Medical Center West Allis

In memory of Sparky….Sharon Pauley’s “bad boy” with an attitude, heart of gold and a true “waggin’ tail”.

All of your many PHP friends will miss you.

Yours truly  Diane


In memory of Dottie a PHP therapy dog and partner to Barb. Donor – Karen Corlyn

An anonymous donation In loving memory of “Lula”, therapy dog and partner to Janine.

In memory of Lula, and loyal PHP therapy dog. Donor – Diane Miller

An anonymous donation In loving memory of Penny Casey.

An anonymous donation in memory of Jeeves, beloved dog of Bonnie and Dave.

In memory of our beloved Parker, from Rand Schmidt

From Gail and Paul Olson in memory of our dear departed friend Tazzy.

From Gail and Paul Olson in memory of our dear departed friend Freckles.

In loving memory of Lula. Donor – Marianne King

From Arlyn Meier, in memory of my sweet Cricket

From Ann and Diane, In loving memory of Contessa and Harley

From Diane Miller, in memory of Anakin.

From Michael O’Boyle, in memory of Anakin.

In honor of Amy Sherman’s birthday – Karen Corlyn

In memory of Tigger DeGraff, from Amy Dodge

In Honor of Amy Dodge’s birthday, from Robin Wetherbee

In memory of Jeffrey, dear friend, companion and protector of Patti and Tom Schulz. RIP sweet doggie, from Karen and Ron Corlyn

In memory of Donald F. Fillinger, a Menomonee Falls, WI, resident who died Nov. 7. Sincerely, Pat, Lorna, Sean & Cory Foran (Brown Deer, WI)

In memory of Lady Wilson: “a small dog with a big-heart” Donation from Diane Miller

Elsbeth M. “Elsie” Ulrich (Nee Bremberger) Passed away peacefully on Thursday, January 11, 2018. Age 86. Loving, devoted mother of Joan (Mark) Krause. Proud grandmother of Nicole Krause. Pet grandma of Bennie. Memorials appreciated to Pets Helping People. On behalf of Joan, Mark and the family, thank you to all who sent Memorials: James Altmeyer, John & Nancy Bezak, Roderick & Rose Ann Bremberger, Bernd & Kathrin Bruhnke, Lorna Byrd, Bev Clendenen, Michael Cornelius, Carla & William Cummings, Donna Cummings, Gary R. Cummings, Lori & Jeffrey Darr, Thomas & Mary Doleschy, Ernest & Laura Heffner, Ann & John Jr. Hill, Mark & Christine Jacob, Jeff & Lynn Key, Daniel & Marlene Krause, Briana & Renee Lowerr, Robert & Diane Marke, James & Anita Martin, Judith & Paul McGhee, Jerry Miller-Onrmund, Randall & Barbara Nashleanas, Blair & Darcie Nelsen, Vicki Nold, James & Donna Pellegrini, Kathy Pirkey, Donald Podewils, Amber Rueth & David Hodorowski, Tom & Debra Schmitz, John & Lisa Turner, Dave & Anita Ulrich, Robert & Margo Ulrich, Jacob & Amanda Waterworth, Brian & Rebekah Wickert, Wendy Wiener, Craig & Theresa Zodrow, Bill Williams Jr Funeral Services, Malm & LaFave SC, Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory, Bev’s Hospitality Catering LLC.

Clancy Hennen

In memory of Clancy…Erin’s dear friend and little man. From Diane Miller.

In memory of Benny Schmidt – Janine Gruna.

In memory of sweet Benny, a wonderful therapy dog and Kari Schmidt’s devoted friend and loyal companion – Diane Miller.

Benny and Freckles

In memory of Benny and Freckles – Brett and Debbie Buchwach.

Donation in honor of our cousin, Marcy Hotz, on her very special birthday.
Karen, Ron & Mitzvah Corlyn

In Memory of Terry Heun’s dear, sweet Soul, a PHP therapy dog and loving companion – Diane Miller

In Memory of Tipper – Kari Schmidt

In Memory of Smudge & Gypsy, from Patricia Purtell

In Memory of Al Krause, from Carol Baker, Ken & Karen Baker, Thomas & Caitlin Richardson

Barb Pierce’s donation: Lula Gruna, Lady Wilson, Snowy & Molly Bauman and Soul Heun

In Memory of Riley, Mark and Linda Schaefer’s dear sweet boy and absolutely amazing therapy dog. From: Diane Miller

To Linda Timm in memory of Bernie.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
By Anatole France
Bernie, you awakened the souls of thousands who needed your special love. RIP sweet doggie.
Karen & Mitzvah

In Memory of Nancy Hartter

In Memory of Buddy, Bob Peterson’s aptly named friend and excellent therapy dog

In Loving Memory of Michael Haley, from Martha Edwards

In Memory of our very good boycat, Max Rayfield Gilhooly, from the Wetherbee family

In Honor of “Dodge” Wilson a great companion of the Ciurlik Wilson family of Brookfield, from Cathryn Louthan Rakers

Your Pet Lives on donations from the Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care, Inc.